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You cannot backup Nintendo's Switch Save Game Files

07 March 2017 4

Nintendo’s Switch was launched last week and amidst all positive reviews we get to know something which is hard to believe. The company itself has confirmed that there’s no way by which the Switch saved games can be transferred to any other device or microSD card. But such is the case. At least for the time being, you cannot transfer any save game files on a Nintendo Switch to any other system.

Save files are stored on the system itself and not on external storage card or physical game cards themselves.

Nintendo’s FAQ explains that the save data is kept on the system’s internal storage and “cannot be saved or copied to a microSD card.” The data is stored in the 32 GB internal memory and cannot be moved elsewhere. The entire data is inside the switxh and it is neither synced nor can be backed up. If the internal memory fills up, then you need to delete some of the data to make room for new save files. Further adding to the misery, the Switch internal memory is only 32GB, and nearly a quarter of which is taken up by the OS. If that memory gets full, you’ll have to delete stuff in order to save new data.

Whereas Nintendo’s previous gaming devices allowed for some sort of external backup.

This might not seem to be a serious issue in the short term, but it's something the users would definitely want to see added eventually.



You cannot backup Nintendo's Switch Save Game Files
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The upside is that there's a confirmation from the company itself. So, it's not like we are reading rumors or anything. Just hoping that the facility visits the Nintendo's Switch Save Game soon.


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