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Linksys introduces new gaming router that promises 77% less ping for online gaming

22 August 2017 0

Most of us wouldn't bat an eye over the kind of router we have, as long as it has sufficient range/signal power and doesn't crash. But for some, a good router can make or break a multiplayer gaming experience, especially at a competitive level. Designed specifically for gamers, Linksys has unveiled the WRT32X, a gaming router that promises a ping reduction of up to 77%.

Ping refers to the time delay (usually measured in milliseconds) between your system and the server. This is caused by data computation at your own PC, network processing on your modem/router, delays at internal routers/switches at the ISP level, data processing again at the server level, and so on. But while PCs and Servers process data extremely quickly, the bulk of the time delay comes from the network devices, namely the routers (and/or switches) at the user end.

With the new router, Linksys has introduced what it calls the "Killer Prioritization Engine", which cuts down local ping times up to 77%, giving you as little lag as is possible at your end. The technology first looks at which network devices also have Killer networking hardware. Then, it prioritizes game and video streaming data so that other apps don't interfere with the game traffic, making sure your game isn't effected by your roommate's incessant Netflix streaming.

For this to work however, you need to have a PC with the same networking tech as well. Most systems from companies like Razer, MSI and Alienware come with this technology.

Specification wise, the router carries 802.11ac Wave 2 dual-band 3x3 wireless radios, 256 MB of flash storage and 512 MB of DDR3 RAM, along with a dual-core ARM CPU. You get four Gigabit ethernet ports with it, along with a USB 3.0 and eSATA port as well.

The router costs $300, and is expected to be available by September.

Oh, and by the way, this router won't make you a better gamer. If you have a bad internet connection, or if you just suck at Call of Duty, 300 dollars aren't going to help you much.



Linksys introduces new gaming router that promises 77% less ping for online gaming
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