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What to expect at Google I/O 2018?

08 May 2018 5

Google is all set to kickoff I/O 2018 with a number of new announcements for the developer's community. Google organize I/O event on yearly basis to give developers a preview of what's coming next from Google so that developers can get their products ready for Google's upcoming products and services. From last few years the I/O event is not meant to announce the next big update beta preview but also the company showcases their latest efforts in other areas as well like AR and VR.

However, the best thing about I/O event is not only developers but also Google and Android fans and customers love to watch this event as it brings a number of announcements to excite customers what's coming next from their favorite company. Today we will detail all the info we know so far regarding the I/O 2018 to give our keen readers a sneak peak view regarding the event. Also, we will help out how to watch the event Keynote live. So without any further delay, let's start with the time and date of I/O 2018.

I/O 2018 Time and Date

This year's I/O event will kickoff on May 8th and it will end on May 10th. The event will be held in Mountain View at Shoreline Amphitheatre. Google didn't announce the event date instead the company posted a binary code on the io website so that customers can resolve the puzzle to know the date and time.

If you yet not visited the I/O website, you should go and take a look at the puzzle. Once you enter the Google Building you will have to answer riddles to unlock the doors and eventually resolve the puzzle to know the date and time details. The event keynote will start at 10 am PT. So mark your calendars and time if you want to see the live streaming of the I/O 2018.

Theme at Google I/O 2018

Like always this year also Google set a theme for the event and so far clues and puzzles indicates the I/O 2018 theme is sisters. The calendar date August 5, painting, a book on the table, landscape photo all points towards sisters. So it is pretty much clear that I/O 2018 theme will be sisters.

How to watch live streaming of I/O 2018

The best thing about Google is they always stream their events keynote, same is the case with the I/O 2018 keynote. Google already released all the schedule details of the event including the time for breakfast, keynote, launch and other announcements. So you can know complete at I/O 2018 page. Have a look at the page to know more details.

Android P

Undoubtedly the most important announcement of the I/0 2018 will be related to next iteration of the Android OS. In the puzzle, Google hinted Android P as one of the pictures is of a Pineapple. We are already aware regarding Google is looking for a new P-named sweet for the next big Android OS update. The Android P will be the successor of Android Oreo. One thing is confirmed Google will reveal further details regarding the Android P at the event but it is still a bit early to expect the official name of Android P.

This year first developer preview of Android P was announced back in March, at the I/O Google could announce first public beta version. Last year at I/O event Google announced the first public beta of Android O and also toned down version of Android OS as Android Go for entry-level smartphones.

Google Home

At the I/O 2017 Google updated their Google Assistant powered Google Home speakers. Last year upgrade brought a number of new features including proactive assistance. Recently Google expanded their smart speaker's portfolio by introducing two new Home speakers including Home Mini and Home Max. Google could expand the availability of Home speakers to more regions and also we can expect it few more features.

Android TV dongle

A new Android TV dongle is expected to be announced which can be controlled with a voice as well. Google Android TV devices are produced by Shenzhen SEI Robotics, recently the company filed FCC listing for a new Android TV product labeled as "4K ATV Stick". The listing images reveal few key details regarding the design.

The dongle comes with HDMI 2.0 port for connectivity. As per listing the device is powered up by the Amilogic S905X processor with 2GB RAM and built-in eMMC storage is 8GB. The device is running on Android Oreo 8.0 with the Android TV UI. Although many details regarding this product are still in dark we can expect Google will reveal further details at the I/O 2018.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant was announced back in 2016, however in just a couple of years it emerges as one of the best AI Assistant in the market and Google is trying to make it more useful and also the company is bringing it to other appliances. Last year Google introduced developers kit so that Google Assistant can be integrated to new products.

At the I/O 2018 we can expect Google Assistant abilities will be further enhanced with new features. Back in March Google announced Routines features, it is currently limited to few functionalities we can expect more at the I/O 2018.

Google Photos

Google brought a number of new features to Google Photos service last year at I/o 2018 including Shared Libraries and Google Lens. One of the best features was indeed Google Lens which allows the user to easily identify different items and places. You can know more details regarding those placed with the Google Lens. Although Google Photos is not one of those services which get regular updates on a yearly basis at I/O event there are fair chances of this year I/O.

VR and AR

Back in 2016, Google took the I/O event stage to announce their DayDream platform to handle VR development. At the last year's I/O event the company announced their smartphone partners and not just that the company proposed a design of VR headset which works without a smartphone. HTC was expected to be the first company to sell this purposed VR headset commercially but later on, it was canceled.

At the I/O 2018, for sure Google will reveal their latest effort for the Daydream platform and also we can expect more details of cameras which can capture 180-degree videos.

Wear OS

Google initially announced their OS for smartwatches as Android Wear, however, after four years the company suddenly renamed it as Wear OS. The new Wear OS branding also put the Android Wear branding to an end. Google official site now lists the smartwatches OS as Wear OS. The company not only changes the branding but also the slogan as well. Recently Google announced developer Preview of Android P for Wear OS which brings a new dark UI along with other changes. Like the Android P, we can expect a customer beta update of Wear OS at the I/O 2018.

Apart from the aforementioned major updates, we can expect Google will announce a number of new products as well which are still in dark. Last year Google introduced number of features at the I/O like smart reply for Gmail, live streaming using YouTube smart TV App, new research tools and much more. In short, we are expecting a number of small announcements from Google at I/0 2018. Stay tuned, we will keep you updated as soon as I/O 2018 kickoff.



What to expect at Google I/O 2018?
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