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JBL Link Bar is a soundbar with Google Assistant and Android TV

09 May 2018 3

Google has teamed up with JBL to announce world's first soundbar featuring Google Assistant and Android TV. It has been named as Link Bar and is the newest addition to the smart soundbar lineup which we have seen in past few months. But since it comes with Google's knowledgebase and smartness, it has already differentiated itself from the crowd.

The JBL Link Bar essentially works like any other soundbar where you connect it with your TV and other sound sources using HDMI cables. The actual difference becomes obvious once you turn it on. Google Assistant integration makes it possible for users to interact with the soundbar using voice commands. They can also ask questions and get quick and relevant answers like it happens with any other Assistant-powered device. It even works with your smart home devices so that you can control them without even moving from your couch.

To make things even better, it comes with Android TV support which basically turns the soundbar into a streaming device. It means you can use the Link Bar itself to stream your favorite content on the TV. Since there is Google Assistant, you can make use of voice commands to play your favorite show, search for anything, and launch any of your favorite apps.

There is not much else known about the JBL Link Bar yet including pricing information. It is expected to go on sale during this fall which means we can expect to know all other remaining details then.



JBL Link Bar is a soundbar with Google Assistant and Android TV
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