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Google Discover is the new name of Google Feed, available through Google mobile website

25 September 2018 3

Google app on Android smartphones offers a very fast experience of Googling in addition to accessing the latest content from around the web that Google suggests according to your interests. That stream of cards within Google App, which is also a built-in functionality of the Google Pixel phones has gone through a series of changes and updates. Previously it was called Google Now which latest got renamed to Google Feed and now in the latest development, Google once against rebrands it to name it ‘Discover’.

Discover would primarily remain the same as of now with a list of cards that are based upon your interest and recent searches, activity on Google Chrome and more. Though just like before, Google has brought an update to the UI of Discover. In the latest update, each section now has headers allowing to differentiate between the topics easily. Likewise, a single tap on each topic would open up the world of content within that topic. Also, Discover offers to ‘follow’ each topic in case you consider to get a consistent flow of information around the topic.

Discover also brings newly designed cards that include videos and latest content from around the web based upon your activity. An applaudable option is the ability to control the frequency of the certain type of content, using Discover functionality through Google.com app on mobile web browsers outside of the Google app.

How often do you use such Discover features? Or you prefer using Google Chrome for web browsing as opposed to the Google app? Let us know in the comment section below



Google Discover is the new name of Google Feed, available through Google mobile website
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More importantly, this is cool to read, "Discover would primarily remain the same". As long as the user experience doesn't get toyed, it's ok with the name.


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