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Google working on 'Play Pass' subscription service for apps and games | Report

29 October 2018 4

Google's Play Store is full of apps and games spread across a wide range of categories but it does not see as many downloads for the paid ones as it sees for the free ones. The reason for this difference is quite obvious that most of the users do not like to pay for apps. This is specifically true for Android users as Apple's App Store sees a good amount of revenue through its paid offerings. And now, it seems like Google has come up with a way to improve this situation.

As spotted by XDA folks, Google is appearing to be working on a subscription service called "Play Pass". The goal of this service is said to provide selected paid Android apps and games at a relatively affordable monthly fee. The reference to such a service was first noticed in the code of the Play Store application where the "Play Pass" flag was set to "false". As you expect, the folks switched it to "true" but that did not change anything in the app.

But now, a Google Opinion Rewards user received a survey related to the service from Google. The survey featured a question where the user was asked to imagine an app store with a subscription which offered "hundreds of dollars worth of paid apps and games for a monthly fee". The user was then asked to answer how aptly the name "Pass" describes such a service.

The arrival of this survey has further corroborated the speculation that Google is indeed working on a Play Store subscription service. In the first impression of this unseen service, it seems like a good strategy to attract customers into buying apps and games. But a lot will depend on the monthly fee and what kind of paid apps and games are made available in the plan.



Google working on 'Play Pass' subscription service for apps and games | Report
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