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Report unveils how Google continues to track you even in Incognito mode

05 December 2018 2

Google continues to roll out new features and improvements to its web browser Google Chrome that continues to lead the market beside the recent drop in market share along with other leading web browsers. Google Chrome’s Blink engine is quite powerful and is also being considered by Microsoft to be incorporated in their upcoming web browser for Windows 10 devices.

Google earlier rolled out an update to improve upon the tab management and viewing experience with scrollbar similar to that on Mozilla Firefox which was a quite needed feature. Now we get to know another insight about Google regarding the incognito mode. Previously we know that Google would personal web search results considering your online activity before and search queries to be in a better position to suggest you search results meeting your search demands.

Though for some users that looked forward to escaping out of that net and to avoid Google tracking their activity, the most common way was using Google Chrome’s very own Ignito mode that was known to not leaving a trail behind. Though a recent study made by DuckDuckGo (a popular search engine known for its privacy features) shared that Google was surely giving personalized search results when logged out or in the Incognito mode as well.

The study was made on various US web users who used Google Chrome in Incognito mode, one in normal mode without logging in and another logged in using Google search normally. The study shared how the search results were all different and uniquely tailed to the user even in the Incognito mode and for the user who wasn’t logged into their Google account.

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Report unveils how Google continues to track you even in Incognito mode
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