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Google removes 29 ‘Beauty camera’ apps for stealing data and showing porn ads

05 February 2019 4

In recent times Google has removed a lot of fake and malicious apps from the Play Store. Even though Google has increased the security measures for application to be able to user data, a lot of applications were still found to be flouting rules.

A couple of days back Internet security firm Trend Micro reported that a lot of camera beauty mode applications are abusing system level permissions and stealing user data. Once installed these applications would seek permission to access the onboard storage and thus steal your images.

When a user would try to apply a filter to the image using these apps, the image would be uploaded to a private server and would return with an error asking users to update the app. These apps were found showing fill screen advertisements, at times pornographic in nature, forwarding users to phishing websites to steal their data.

Apps that were removed from Play Store

Google has now removed 29 such applications from the Play Store which had amassed a huge number of downloads cumulatively and were found to be stealing your data, push pornographic ads, phishing data and even faking Play Store ratings.

That said, Google can only do a little to control such applications, as they can be side-loaded easily on any Android phone, hence the onus lies on the user to make sure that they practice caution before installing such unknown applications.



Google removes 29 ‘Beauty camera’ apps for stealing data and showing porn ads
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The best thing immediately after reading the title was to check if Google provided the list of these apps, and great to see that. Fortunately, never installed any of these apps ever :)


Prizma Photo Editor is that one with that hollow black-lined triangle logo, right? Just checked and the app's available for download and also listed on Play Store still.


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