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Google Clock alarms get Pandora and YouTube Music integration

01 March 2019 4

Google has released a new update for its Clock application with support for YouTube Music and Pandora integration. It is aimed at offering more options to users when it comes to hearing the first sound that they listen while waking up. This update builds upon the previously released Spotify integration.

The newly added Pandora and YouTube Premium integration works exactly the same it works for Spotify. A user needs to set up a new alarm or choose an existing alarm in the Clock app. Tap on the alarm sound setting which will show the option for newly added music services. Tapping on the preferred service will open an interface for connecting the Clock app with it. It should be noted that the user should have Pandora and YouTube app installed on the device for this to work.

Once the preferred or both services are connected, users will be able to choose their favorite track or playlist with ease. The Clock will also some suggestions but there will be a search bar for a manual search. In other words, users can now wake up to their favorite music instead of the boring alarm tones that they have been listening to since ages.

While the newly added integrations are good, one thing that has surprised many is that the Clock app is still missing Google Play Music support. It is strange to see Google adding support for third-party apps and neglecting its own offering. The exact reason for the same is unknown but this suggests that it might not be as serious about the service as one might think.



Google Clock alarms get Pandora and YouTube Music integration
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Yup, setting up a new sound for the alarm is definitely going to help you start the day on a better note... hahaha... better note... expect the pun here.


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