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Google Doodles make their way to search bar on Pixel Launcher home screen

22 March 2019 4

Google Doodles have been out there since long, which is a way of Google to celebrate or backup a particular event or moment. This is represented by a change in Google logo on Google search showcasing exciting renders of Google logo. Interestingly in the latest development in this regard, Google is introducing Google Doodles on Google Pixel smartphones.

How would you rather ask? Well if you happen to have Google Pixel smartphone, you’d notice a flower growing up at the side of the search bar on your phone’s home page search bar representing the trending Google Doodle. This is for the first time that Google Doodles have made their way on the smartphones search bar. Previously, Google has been experimenting with Doodles making their way into Discover feed too.

Tech giant brought forward their first Doodle back in 1998 to honor Burning Man festival and now the company celebrates the start of the Spring season i.e 20th March with stylized Google’s ‘G’ in the logo along with beautiful flower animations. Google also gives an option to opt out of these Doodles so in case you don’t find that attractive, you could turn off the feature as well in Pixel Launcher.

To do that, simply tap and hold the ‘search bar’ and choose ‘search box effects’ slider to disable the feature. Do you like the idea of Doodles making their way on Pixel Launcher? Share your views in the comments section below.

(last update 20 March 2020 @ 09:03)



Google Doodle make their way to search bar on Pixel Launcher home screen
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The very idea of the Google Doodle is cool. Honoring a particular event or a personality is always welcome. But does it really need to be a part of the search?


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