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Google brings AMP to Gmail to make emails dynamic and interactive

28 March 2019 3

Google wants to change the way we have been using emails and to do so, it has released AMP support for Gmail. The support was actually announced about a year ago but has finally been implemented. The whole idea behind the release is to make emails more useful by turning their static content into something dynamic and interactive.

With AMP emails in Gmail, users will be able to perform certain actions and get things done directly from the email itself. This will eliminate the need for clicking on a link, visiting a new tap, and performing those same actions on a completely new web page. It can be used for different scenarios and Google has shared a few of those in the official blog post.

One such example is the situation where a user receives an email about a new comment on Google Docs. In the current situation, the user needs to access Docs in a new tab to reply to that comment but with AMP support, it will be possible to reply from within the email. Other than just offering a reply box, it will show the completely updated thread so that user can also check what else is there.


Other examples include Pinterest and OYO Rooms where they send suggestions to their users from the email quite often. This requires users to visit their respective website to take further actions but thanks to AMP, they will be able to do so from the email. They will be able to save images to any of their Pinterest boards and check extra details about room suggestions.


As per the announcement, Google currently has a few partners who will be sending AMP-powered emails with more expected to join in the future. It is also said that AMP emails will not be limited to Gmail and will be accessible via other platforms like Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and Mail.ru. The support is currently available in beta stage and only on the web but the team has plans for expanding it to smartphones.



Google brings AMP to Gmail to make emails dynamic and interactive
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I haven't used it, so I'm not sure how you are using it. If it saves an image or a board, etc, don't know. But here the experience is definitely accelerated. It's happening from within Gmail itself.


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