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Next-gen Google Assistant unveiled at Google I/O 2019, way ahead of its time

07 May 2019 3

Tech g9iant Google is far ahead of the competition in the AI industry when it comes to a voice-enabled AI-assistant. Google Assistant is not only fast with its responsiveness, but highly precise and accurate in delivery the very close and expected results. The silicon valley giant introduced Duplex last year, which is Google’s reservation making service which is now rolled out to about 44 states in the U.S on Pixel and non-Pixel smartphones. Now in the latest development in making Google Assitant even smarter and faster, Google has announced some exciting and powerful upgrades to the Google Assitant at Google I/O 2019.

Taking the Duplex to the next level, the CEO Google Sundar Pichai explained how it would now work even better. A user, for example, willing to do car reservation through phone, could simply as Google Assistant to ‘book me a car through National’ and that would trigger Google Assitant to open up the National website and interestingly would begin filling up the required fields on the behalf of the user. Once done, the user would be then asked to confirm the fields like rental dates and vehicle class.


Google’s CEO shared how the upgraded Google Assistant feature doesn’t require any business to upgrade their systems currently deployed and instead it would be the early implementation of the ‘Duplex on Web’ program.

The Google Duplex technology utilizes a complex series of machine learning models which we could realize by the fact that running such algorithms on a mobile device would require about 100GB..” shares Pichai. Praising the technology behind upgraded Duplex, Sundar Pichai said "Think of it as putting the power of a Google data center in your pocket,"

Apart from improving upon Duplex, Google Assistant is now much more personalized offering a much natural way to communicate. For example, you could set a particular contact as 'Mom' and then use the word 'Mom' much naturally in your command like “What’s the weather like at mom’s house this weekend?”

The newly introduced ‘You’ tab within the Assistant settings allows the users to add, edit or remove any personalization details. Likewise, Assistant would now understand the user much better and would offer suggestions of all forms like events he/she might like to go at, recipes the user love or podcasts he might want to listen. Interestingly, Assistant also keeps in a note the contextual cues like the time of the day for much personalized and accurate response, that is close to nature. For example, it could offer you breakfast recipes in the morning and dinner at night.

Another interesting feature includes ‘Driving Mode’ offering a hands-free option to tackle your tasks through voice while you’re on the go. As the Assistant gets upgraded, users would be able to harness the power of AI assistant while you’re driving with Waze.

The assistant could under what tasks would suit the user while he’s traveling, for example, it could offer to resume the podcast in a car that you left paused at home, or could navigate you to a dinner which you set as a reservation in your calendar. Likewise, upon an incoming call, Assistant would tell you who’s calling and ask you if you want to pick the call, upon knowledge, it would connect the call on your behalf.


To trigger Assistant's driving mode, you could simply connect your phone to car’s Bluetooth or say “Hey Google, let’s drive,”

Another interesting feature is the remote vehicle control that would allow you to manage your car in advance even before you step into it. For example, setting the car’s temperature before you leave your place, check if the doors are locked, checking upon the fuel that the car has. You can say simple commands like, “Hey Google, turn on the car A/C to 70 degrees.”

Likewise, you can set these steps in your morning routine and Assistant would do it for you every morning, that is to set up your car’s AC, check the fuel level and more. This feature would be available with Hyundai’s “Blue Link” and Mercedes-Benz’s “Mercedes I connect.” To begin with.

Another useful feature is to stop the alarm using command ‘stop’. How often does it happen that your alarm rings and you don’t want to go through the process of triggering Assistant like ‘Hey Google’. Google shares how this was one of the most asked features and now users could use ‘stop’ word to stop alarm on Google Home speakers and smart displays

Google has truly done a remarkable job in the AI where the company has been able to bring down the technology of over 100GB of models into just half a Gigabyte.



Next-gen Google Assistant unveiled at Google I/O 2019, way ahead of its time
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From 100GB to just half a GB. This is what Google is capable of doing with its latest tech up its sleeve. And I think rightly termed as the "Google data center in your pocket".


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