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Google Nest Hub Max is a smart display with camera for $229

07 May 2019 2

Google has officially announced a new smart display device called Nest Hub Max. It is basically a Google Home Hub (now rebranded to Nest Hub) but with improved features including a camera. It means instead of using it mostly for entertainment, it can now be used for home security purposes too.

The all-new Google Nest Hub Max sports a 10-inch HD display which is big enough to make it like a more useful tablet. A bigger display can help you stream your favorite content from apps like YouTube TV and Netflix without having to settle for a relatively smaller display on your 6-inch smartphone. There are stereo speakers for a better audio output which is as essential as video output, especially when listening to music or watching music videos.

The biggest addition to the device is Nest Cam which means it brings all those good features that you get with Nest security camera. It can send alerts for motion detection or when someone unrecognized person is spotted. One can easily check the history of events to see what happened during the time. Since it is essentially a camera, it can also be used for video calls using Google Duo. The camera is accompanied by a Green light which lights up whenever the camera is working to alert users about the same.

Since Nest Hub Max is essentially meant to be used with voice commands, for the most part, it features Voice Match support. It will detect all different voices of family members to show tailored and personalized results. For privacy aspects, there is a physical button that can be used for disabling camera and microphone as and when desired.

Google has priced the Nest Hub Max at $229 with availability via Google Store, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Target in the United States. It will also be released for the United Kingdom and Australia.



Google Nest Hub Max is a smart display with camera for $229
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With Google almost nothing is impossible. But then with motion detection alone how does it decide that someone out there is an "unrecognized person"?


The Google Nest Hub Max is a multi-purpose device at a decent price. Use it for your home security, Google Duo video calling, streaming video content. And the best part is, it supports the Voice Match feature.


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