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Google Pixel 3a ad shows even $399 phone offers better low-light photos over iPhone X's

13 May 2019 3

Google announced the new additions to its Pixel lineup – Pixel 3a and the Pixel 3a XL a week ago and made them available for purchase on the same day. The price tags of both the new phones are keeping people a bit skeptical about the purchase but then it’s the camera that attracts at the same time.

The Pixel 3a lineup might not have the same performance as the Pixel 3 series but the camera is one segment in which both the series may perform nearly the same. While compromising on other specifications like the processor, Google has tried to tie the same camera experience into the Pixel 3a series as well so as to offer the same camera quality that Pixel 3 series has. One of the most interesting camera features that have come to Pixel 3a series is Night Sight mode and this could be the USP of the phones.

New billboard that 9to5Macís Michael Steeber spotted in Washington, D.C.

Google hasn’t made any special marketing campaigns for the Pixel 3a, which we think it must have since the devices have been launched to compete against the likes of some existing mid-range phones. In fact, it becomes even more important when devices like OnePlus 7 are ready to overshadow. However, Google has added a new billboard ad to its existing Pixel 3 Night Sight advertising campaign so as to accommodate some promotions for its new series.

Google has added a billboard below to a billboard of Apple’s for its iPhone X in Washington, D.C. Google has mentioned price over the photo of the billboard. This is the same photo which is available on Apple’s billboard as well. But the photo of Pixel 3a billboard is brighter than the iPhone X, reflecting the Night Sight’s computational prowess of the Pixel 3a which offers better results than iPhone X’s. Or, it’s more about stating that even its $399 phone is capable of offering better photos in low-light.

In addition to this Pixel 3a vs iPhone X ad, Google has added a video to its YouTube channel as well. The video showcases 2 Chainz and Awkwafina, two American rappers who are sitting in a salon, enjoying their services, and talking about what they want from a phone. Awkwafina is not happy with her phone and 2Chainz describes her how she should get rid of such unhelpful phones. Described as Pixel 3a phone ad, the video actually highlights what the Pixel phones are capable of.

We may see more such similar attacks in the coming weeks. We would also like to see what else Google has for its Pixel 3a series to promote.



Google Pixel 3a ad tells even $399 phone is capable of throwing better low-light photos than iPhone X
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@Axton, I don't know if that's a marketing gimmick or something of that sort, but one thing is sure that iPhones are nothing less when it comes to mobile photography. iPhones have generally been good over Android phones.


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