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YouTube full-screen mode brings ability to like/dislike a video and more

17 May 2019 3

Leading video streaming web service YouTube is watched by billions of people and Google consistently brings new features and improvements to the video platform. While YouTube has come a long way ever since its infancy days, we all hoped that the display real-estate was a bit bigger to get a better viewing experience. While YouTube does offer a full-screen mode that covers up the screen, we get to lose some vital community features like liking/disliking the video, sharing options and ability to add the video in a playlist.

While in full-screen mode and aiming to use the above mentioned interactive features, you’d have to exit the full-screen mode. Considering this, YouTube has now rolled out an update where quick actions, sharing option and ability to add to the playlist is now available within the full-screen mode.

These features are available just below the suggested videos thumbnails that you get to see when you swipe up from the bottom, while you’re in the full-screen mode. Likewise, when you’re in a full-screen mode and watch a video you like, you could also subscribe to the channel while still being in the full-screen mode, which would help the content creators grow and make subscribing to a channel easier for viewers.

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YouTube full-screen mode brings ability to like/dislike a video and more
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Google is bringing in an array of features to YT of late, especially since the sub and watch view requirements were implemented. But yes, overall, for the platform, it's a much-needed features push.


When a YT video is embedded in a web page, there's the favicon, and the option to subscribe directly when you move your mouse over the picture. Not a very major update, but vital for increasing the sub count.


But I guess, these new interactive features are better than the current ones, because it gives those options in the full screen mode. But doesn't mean these features are belittled.


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