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Google Stadia with 1TB data may let you play in 4K for these many hours

07 June 2019 0

The curious case of Google Stadia got solved in a special event conducted by Google. The event that live-streamed on YouTube for everyone covered the main points of this cloud gaming streaming service. The event completed shortly but it answered all the important questions like resolution, internet speeds, game titles, and of course, the cost. Google has roped in several game boards for its cloud gaming service and brought in several makers of these games to speak their thoughts out during the event.

Well, out of everything, cost and data requirements are the two biggest concerns for the game enthusiasts the most. It’s great to note that Google will let you stream a game in 4K at 60fps with 35Mbps but do you know how much it would be if you play on Stadia for an hour? Well, most of you must have calculated it already, but here’s a mention for other readers.

Playing in high-end settings for an hour will take your 15.75GB data. Also, if you stream games at 1080p, it will drop to the bandwidth to 20Mbps, and 720p 60fps requires just 10Mbps. And, their equivalent of playing for an hour would be 9GB per hour of 1080p, or 4.5GB per hour at 720p.

So, if you plan to spend 1TB data then it may let you stream in 4K for around 65 hours, and that too if you’re not hogging your data somewhere else.

That’s true, that hard-core gamers tend to spend GBs, even TBs of data to play their favorite games. Google also made sure to announce that all streaming is intended to happen at 60fps, so as to keep things smooth.

Google during the special announcement of the availability of Stadia mentioned that the company handles the intense graphics requirements, so there is no console required. And, that’s the beauty of cloud gaming systems where everything is servers based.

Google stated that it has “architecture Stadia to give you the fastest possible response between what your fingers are doing and what your eyes are seeing. We handle the back-end so you can play the games you want, when you want, on whatever screen you prefer.”

Well, Google Stadia is indeed a remarkable milestone in the journey of Google as it brings the gaming experience to just any screen with the help of Chrome browser. Currently, it’s available for any laptop, PC, or tablet. But in smartphones, only Pixel 3 series, including the newly-launched Pixel 3a series are getting the capability. You just need a Stadia app to launch gaming experience from Google on your Pixel phones.

Google says it will expand Stadia to more screens and phones as its vision for Stadia is to run Stadia on any screens and phones.

Google Stadia comes in many forms and you can check out the editions and their costs.



Google Stadia with 1TB data may let you play in 4K for these many hours
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