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PSA: You will need to pay full price for Google Stadia games

28 June 2019 0

Google Stadia is a service that gamers and gaming enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for. It is a cloud-based game streaming service which will allow anyone to play games from any device including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. Since users will not be buying a physical or downloading a digital copy, there were speculations that game titles will cost cheaper. But as things turned out, nothing like that will be happening once the service becomes available.

Google Stadia's head Phil Harrison confirmed to Euro Gamer publication that Stadia games will cost the full price. It means gamers will have to pay the exact same price which will be announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC counterparts. When Harrison was asked how Stadia justifies asking for the full price despite not offering full title ownership, he talked about cross-platform and remote playing nature of the service.

It means since Stadia will allow users to pay for each title once and then play on any screen, it is the reason behind not offering any discount or price cuts on the games. This is actually good reasoning as it prevents users from carrying the physical copy of the game everywhere they want to play. Even for digital downloads, it saves from the trouble of first downloading and then installing the game. In both cases, you will also need to have relevant hardware device to be able to play the game. Stadia means simply logging into the account and start streaming instantly regardless of the device you have at that moment.

Once Stadia becomes available, it will have a paid option and a free option. The paid option will cost around $10 per month with up to 4K streaming and access to Stadia library of games. As for the free option, you will not have to pay anything but streaming will get restricted to 1080p and it also excludes the games library.

If you are someone interested in making use of Stadia, you should be interested in knowing whether your current internet connection will work with the service. If it does, the next step is to know how much data you will need to stream your favorite games. If you are okay with both these things, then maybe Stadia could be a good option for you.



PSA: You will need to pay full price for Google Stadia games
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