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Google Photos' Memories lets you cherish your older pictures in Stories-like fashion

13 September 2019 0

Google has added a new way to the Google Photos app to show your older photos right on the main page. Google Photos shows your old photos in a Stories-like format in the app. Yes, the most exciting Snapchat’s and Instagram’s Stories have plagued our local library from Google as well. The best part is unlike the public stories, the Stories on Google Photos are more like private archived which only you can view. Google even has a name for it which is Memories.

Google Photos Memories

Well, the name is self-explanatory that tells Google picks your older photos and shows you as memories from the past that you may want to cherish. However, not every one of us would want to go through those pictures again, well, for whatever reason. So, for those users, Google has maintained the Settings from where you could tweak them. You can personalize your highlight reel and block certain people or places you don’t want to see again in the Memories feature.

Google said it came up with the idea after learning user behavior on its app. Google observed users had to scroll down to look at pictures from five years ago. So, they have now arranged them like featured posts in small, rounded icons at the top of the Google Photos gallery page. You just need to tap to launch. Interestingly, each Story circle includes photos from a particular period like a year ago, two years ago, three, and so on. It doesn’t show just everything from a particular time. It just showcases what you were doing around the same time as in years before leaving the duplicates and badly shot photos behind so that you could rejoice the memories and not criticize the new feature. The best part is you can also let others revisit your memories by sharing with them.

Google Photos prints

Google has also announced that it’s partnering with Walmart and CVS for 4x6 photo. You can request for the prints and get them delivered at your doorstep. This facility is currently available in more than 11,000 US locations. Users will be able to select canvas prints in three different sizes -8×8 ($19.99), 11×14 ($29.99) and 16×20 ($44.99).

Memories will start becoming available on Android and iOS.

Google Photos | Android | Play Store, Free

Google Photos app | iOS | App Store, Free



Google Photos' Memories lets you cherish your older pictures in Stories-like fashion
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