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A new Google Assistant search query edit option under testing

30 October 2019 0

Google Assistant is one of the most powerful and capable digital assistants among all the widely available ones. It is helpful in so many ways but just like any other assistant, it can make mistakes when it comes to understanding voice commands. This is the reason Google offers an edit option to rectify misinterpreted queries and now, the team seems to be working on changing the way it can be accessed.

In its current form, one needs to tap and hold on the Google Assistant search query to get the edit option. It works great but unless you know about the editing option already, there is no way for you to know that a query can be edited. This is what Google wants to change as the newly spotted Assistant query editing option makes it obvious to the user that he can choose to edit a query.

The new feature simply underlines the part of the query that can be edited. As you can see in the screenshots, the query "what time is it in Oshkosh" has the place name underlined along with the "Edit" sub-text. Tapping on the option will take you to the editing interface where you can change the editable text to whatever you want. Once you do that and submit the new query, Google Assistant will show you the new answer accordingly.

Google has not made an official statement on the new feature which suggests that it is currently part of the beta testing. And since not many users have shared details about it, it is likely to be limited testing. It is hard to say exactly when testing will be expanded to more users and when it will be released publically. But if there is any new information, we will keep you posted.



A new Google Assistant search query edit option under testing
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