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Google may introduce 'ultra low power mode' with Pixel 5

12 February 2020 0

We know that modern smartphones are way more capable and versatile than ever. They let users accomplish a wide range of tasks and that too with quality output. But battery life is one aspect where tech companies still need to do a lot of work as hardcore find themselves looking for a charger and charging socket quite often. This is the reason many companies offer battery saver mode to help them get most out of the low juice and now, Google seems to be working on an even better version of the same.

As spotted by XDA's Mishaal Rehman, Google may be developing a new kind of battery mode that is being referred to as "ultra low power mode". He spotted the reference in a recent commit submitted by a Google engineer to AOSP. This is the place where the majority of the upcoming Android features as spotted before they enter the beta testing phase.

There is even a brief description of what the mode is supposed to do,

"This mode indicates Ultra Low power mode is activated or not. Ultra Low power mode is intended to save battery at the cost of user experience."

It appears as Google's newly planned battery saving mode will limit a lot of phone's capabilities to make it last longer. This is exactly what happens even in commonly used battery modes but this new version will get even stricter. It is not confirmed that but it is safe to assume that users will be allowed to do only basic stuff like checking the date and time, making and receiving calls, and sending/receiving text messages.

It is also worth noting that just because the mode reference has been spotted in AOSP, it does not guarantee that the feature will actually see the light of the day. The team of engineers and developers are known to work on different features they think could be useful but the exact decision of whether to release any such feature can change anytime.



Google may introduce 'ultra low power mode' with Pixel 5
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