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Google shows Pixel Tablet will double as a smart display

10 October 2022 2

Google has announced the Pixel 7 series smartphones and Pixel Watch smartwatch but that is not it. It also has an Android tablet lined up for launch next year. An exact release date is still unknown but Google has shared a few more details about the device. The first thing to note is that it will officially be called Pixel Tablet.

The latest revelation further confirms that the Pixel Tablet will double up as a smart display device. There is a dock called Charging Speaker Dock which will available for tablet users. It is unknown whether it will be sold separately or bundled with the tablet. Nevertheless, it comes with magnets that make it easier to dock or undock the tablet.

Google says the dock will charge the tablet at the same time. It will also enable smart home device integration so that you can control all devices from the tablet itself. It will offer enhanced audio for an improved media consumption experience for both video and audio content. The decision to add a dock was taken after the team realized that tablets are mostly home and that too lying around the room when they are not in use. The team wanted to make the tablet useful all the time.

The Pixel Tablet is confirmed to be powered by the Tensor G2 processor. It will support all Pixel phone features like video calling, photo editing, and hands-free help with Google Assistant. The tablet is on the path to launching in 2023.



Google shows Pixel Tablet will double as a smart display
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