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Google discussed cloud platform and deep learning at their I/O developer's event

18 May 2016 0

After the interesting announcements of Google assistant, Google Home, Android N, Android Wear 2.0, Android Studio 2.2, Sundar Pichai took the stage to tell further about Artificial Intelligence or deep learning.

Google said that the robots now use deep learning programming so that they learn natural language. Pichai exemplified this by sharing a video in which a robot was continuously picking up blocks. Interestingly, the robot started to pick the correct block instead of the random ones and that's just because of the deep learning. Surprisingly, the Robot automatically learnt to pick the yellow block by deep learning.

Google also discussed the day to day challenges. Pichai said that it is difficult to get the highly trained and efficient doctors so they are working in this area too. Google is working with a team of Doctors and deep learning to develop machine or robots which will work efficiently in the area of medical and so. These things were previously impossible but Google is making ways to help the every community of the world with the deep learning.

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Google discussed cloud platform and deep learning at their I/O developer's event
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