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Google seems to have killed "I'm Feeling Lucky" search feature

30 September 2016 8

If you have been an avid Google search user, then you must have not only saw the "I'm Feeling Lucky" search button but also used it. It is a nifty little button that saves you some time while making a Google search and directly takes you to the first search result without showing search results. It has been there on the Google search page for quite a long time but now it seems like the button has gone defunct.

It was first noted by a Reddit user HerrDrPhil two days ago when he used the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button for his usual task of visiting his favorite websites like YouTube and Google Drive. To his surprise, the button did not take him directly to the website and instead showed general search results which appear while performing a normal Google search.

Many of the other Redditors on the thread also confirmed what he said and even I am noticing the same on my laptop. While some suspected the issue to be related to the latest Google Chrome update, the theory ended up being disapproved as the issue exists regardless of the browser.

To give you a better idea of what's happening, here are screenshots of a normal Google search and "I'm Feeling Lucky" search buttons.

Standard Google Search
"I'm Feeling Lucky" search

As you can notice that there is no difference between the standard Google search and "I'm Feeling Lucky" Google search except for the Google Knowledge Graph. If the feature was working as it is intended to be then Google should have directly opened the first search result in the screenshot instead of showing search results like normal Google search.

While Google is yet to make any announcement or comment on this issue, it is hard to determine whether it's an error or a deliberate change from Google's side. The only reason that works in the favor of Google deciding to kill this feature is that not many users use the feature. And despite the less number of people using it, this feature costs Google about $100 million each year as whenever it is used, Google does not get to show the ads that accompany standard search results at the top.

We will be updating the story once and if Google issues an official statement. In the meantime, you can share your views about this possible change in the comments section below.



Google seems to have killed "I'm Feeling Lucky" search feature
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