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Google translate gets a 5,000 character limit

10 December 2016 5

Google has added a 5000 character limit to Google translate, which is very surprising. The popular service now lets users translate texts of only 5000 characters in one go, and the rest in multiple tries.

A small counter is now visible at the bottom right corner of the text box, which now counts and reveals the number of characters as you type them. It shows that the maximum number of characters now allowed in the service is just 5000. The box of translation limit in Google search has also been set as 2,800 characters. It remains unclear why Google has set the new limits.

Google translate has recently completed 10 years of its release. Last month the internet giant had announced that the service will be getting Neural Machine technique which will make it even more powerful. The service currently supports eight languages including German, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Turkish.

The new limits will make it very tedious for people who wish to translate longer documents via Google translate. The above limitation has not been set for web pages which will have a bigger number of characters. However, Google Translate’s API has the same limits of 5000 characters.

Google may have its own reasons for limiting text translations, but the whole process of translating documents has become very difficult for users.



Google translate gets a 5,000 character limit
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Google Translate has completed 10 years? Oh... this is a long duration. I used it for the first time a couple of years back. And I thought it was just a recently-released product. Looks like GT had released only a few months prior to iPhone.


I read the entire article twice. And I would like to make a suggestion here. I read that the limit is of 5000 characters. But it won't be no use to know it if we don't know what the previous limit was, if any. For those who don't know the previous story won't have anything to compare.


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