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Soon you’d be able to send money with Google Assistant

19 May 2017 4

It’s been buzzing Google all week ever since the company’s I/O event has been making the news for the past couple of days. With the company making its Google Assistant the next big thing in the tech industry, many devices, appliances and huge technological firms are cashing in on bringing their services through Google.

It’s not the first time Google is stressing on the Assistant but at the I/O event that’s happening as we speak Google is prepared to take all means necessary to push their most valuable product to the top and it’s able to do the same with its recent updates. It was announced yesterday that LG & GE are in collaboration with Google to connect their smart home appliances to Google Assistant soon after which Google announced a new update to its Assistant which would let you shop online by talking to the Assistant. The company also announced that Android TV would soon be updated to Android O with a new design and support for watching 360-degree videos.

But from what it looks like we’re yet to see the biggest change in the technology we use. Google Assistant is soon going to let you send payments to your friends and loved ones through its service. The service is made in a move to replace Gmail’s send money service so Google can make its payments service universal across all platforms.

Google’s Gerardo Capiel asks the Assistant to “send Gerardo $10 for dinner” and with the new API in action, the Assistant does the same and sends the payment. The service uses the debit card that’s already linked to your Google Account and also welcomes other p2p payment providers to join in for presenting the same. The interface is minimalistic, quick and gets things done flawlessly and we can see how the company os setting up its future around the Google Assistant.



Soon you’d be able to send money with Google Assistant
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There's already Android Pay from the house of Google and having the Google Assistant do the same paying function would make it even stronger in the business.


Online shopping and online transaction are one of the trending things these days all over the world. And this feature in Google Assistant goes well with other solutions like Android Pay.


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