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Google is giving away Pixel XL in exchange for defective Nexus 6P

14 September 2017 3

Google’s older flagship Nexus 6P was a powerful device at the time of its release but with the test of time, it has been home for a lot of issues which includes random Bluetooth disconnects and boot looping problems in the past. The company is offering a theme which allows users to apply for a Google Pixel XL as a replacement for their defective Nexus 6P device which from what it looks like doesn’t seem like a new thing, to begin with.

Apparently, the offering has been alive for some time now and applies to users who bought the original Nexus 6P from the company’s online store in certain regions, even the ones which are out of warranty. The replacement offer differs for different regions around the world as users in Canada and the US will get the Pixel XL as the replaced device while the ones in the UK would have to be lucky to persuade the company into giving you a replacement. In Australia, the replaced unit is the same as the original device which is the Nexus 6P itself.

Even in the US and Canadian regions, the offers seem to be different as Google seems to be giving out the 128GB variant of the Pixel XL in the US while replacing a defective Nexus 6P which the same device can only be replaced with a 32GB variant in Canada. The screenshot shows that if you apply for a replacement, the new device would arrive before you’d have to ship the defective piece. But one needs to keep in mind that the older defective piece needs to be shipped and submitted to Google within 21 days of receiving the new device on termination of which Google will authorize the full payment of the new device through your credit card. Users also need to note that Google will temporarily authorize the payment during the process of applying for the replacement and will wire back the money once your application is granted for processing.

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Google is giving away Pixel XL in exchange for defective Nexus 6P
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The Nexus 6P is an older device as compared to the Pixel XL. It was launched in the first half of 2015. And we are over the first half of 2017. Two years down the line, what problems have started to creep up?


Well, when problems start to creep up, they do pop up in loads, like we saw during the Galaxy Note 7. I wonder how the Nexus problems have started to surface two years later.


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