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Nvidia Titan V benchmark comparison against the mighty GTX 1080 Ti

12 December 2017 1

Last week, Nvidia launched their brand new 12 GB Titan V GPU dubbed as the "most powerful PC GPU ever created". And while on paper it might have every edge over its rivals, how does the new $3,000 card stack up against its predecessor and currently reigning champion, the GTX 1080 Ti?

To begin with, the Titan V has 21.2 Billion transistors, in comparison to the 1080 Ti's 12 Billion. The Titan V has 5,120 CUDA cores to the Ti's 3,584 and 320 texture units to the Ti's 224. The Titan is clocked at 1200 MHz base and 1455 MHz boost, a 12 GB HMB2 Memory and a 850 MHz memory clock. And with almost exactly the same power consumption, the Titan trumps the 1080 Ti in terms of memory bandwidth as well, with 652.8 GB/s against a bit more modest (but still considerable) 484 GB/s.

A very impressive lead by the Titan V, and we pretty much know how any comparison might go. But exactly how much of a lead?

It is important to note that these benchmarks are not official yet, so their authenticity cannot be guaranteed. The Titan V scored a resounding 32,774 under stock conditions on 3D Mark Fire Strike, and 35,991 when overclocked. In comparison, the GTX 1080 Ti scores around 28,000. As for the Unigine Superposition benchmark, the Titan V scored 5,222 in the 8K test, and 9431 in the 1080o Extreme test.

The Titan V has 640 additional Tensor cores as well, which technically makes it more suitable for scientists working on AI, machine learning, and production artists rather than gamers. But the in-game performance of the GPU is stunning as well. Here's a comparison of average fps for the two cards under the same graphics settings.

It is worth noting that the GTX 1080 Ti's launching price was $700, whereas the Titan costs more than four times that. The price doesn't justify the purchase for a gamer, but if you're sitting on some serious cash and want to push your PC to the max, perhaps with an SLI configuration, then this is the best hardware to have!



Nvidia Titan V benchmark comparison against the mighty GTX 1080 Ti
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