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Gigabyte makes the world's smallest GTX 1080 Graphics Card

05 September 2017 0

For gamers looking for a very compact and highly portable desktop PC build, perhaps on an Micro ATX or even a Mini ITX form factor, you just caught a lucky break; Gigabyte has come up with the world's smallest GTX 1080 GPU! At just 169mm long, you can fit it even onto a Mini ITX motherboard. That's a full 5 inches shorter than a regular GTX 1080.

Based on the same Pascal Architecture by Nvidia, the mini GTX 1080 is every bit as much of a graphics card as the original, or at least very close to it. The ultra-compact GPU doesn't trade size with performance, because that would kill the whole point, and you might as well go with something like an R9 Fury, right?

The big challenge with such a small form factor is ofcourse the heat dissipation. Two fans are a norm with normal graphics cards, and you even have some versions of the 1080 with three fans. Gigabyte has taken a different approach with this one, however. There's a single 90mm fan, supplemented with three pure copper composite heat-pipes, unique blade fan design and heat pipes direct touch technology.

Together, these provide adequate cooling for the otherwise boiling GPU under heavy load. But that doesn't mean the cooling system is always overworked. The fan is semi-passive, which means it will keep RPM low and the noise (and power) levels low when not under stress.

And the best part, you can overclock this brilliant piece of hardware as well, through Gigabyte's own software. You can crank the clock up to 1771 MHz with just a single click.

Gigabyte has not announced the price or a release date for this product. But it's expected to cost well above what a conventional GTX 1080 costs, which is around $550 on average.



Gigabyte makes the world's smallest GTX 1080 Graphics Card
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