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How to easily link to a specific line or paragraph on a web page

19 June 2020 0

Linking to a particular web page is easy. You just copy the URL address and share it with others. When someone clicks on the link you shared, the browser takes that person to the top of the new document. But linking to a particular section of a web page can be little tricky. Sometimes we just want to bring the attention of others to a specific part of a long web page. Take, for instance, you were reading a book review and you really liked a particular paragraph that you want to share with others. But how would you do that?

Source: https://en.ryte.com/wiki/Anchor_Tag

Those with little knowledge of how web elements work or those who control their websites would know how it is done. You write 2-3 HTML code to link to a specific part of a webpage. But it is a task for others who don't have any background knowledge on the same. There are, of course, some tools or web browser extensions that come as handy to quickly link to a specific paragraph or a line of a webpage and let you share with others. One such extension is Link to Text Fragment that Google has just launched for its Chrome browser.

The Link to Text Fragment lets you create jump links that you can later share with others so that they could be directed to that particular part of a webpage. This Chrome extension allows for linking to an arbitrary text on a page. You can select a particular text or line or a complete paragraph and create a hyperlink of it and just use paste command to share it with others.

And, others will be directed to that particular section when they click on it. The chosen section of the web page will appear highlighted in yellow color.

So, follow the below steps and create a hyperlink to a specific location on a web page -

  • First, install the Link Fragment extension from the Chrome web store or simply follow this link.

  • Click on Add to Chrome. A message box will pop-up that will ask you “Add Link to Text Fragment?” Select “Add Extension.” This is to verify that you are installing the extension on your browser.

  • The extension will get added to the top bar for quick access. You would see a message stating “Link to Text Fragment has been added to Chrome.” If you have so many extensions installed then you may not see its icon in the bar. But you can pin it so that it always stays on the top.

  • Now to try out this feature, go to any webpage, (preferably a longer one). Then select any text or a line and right-click to find “Copy Link to Selected Text.”

Once the link is created, the text will be highlighted in yellow color, confirming that the link has been created. Performing this action also confirms that the link has been copied and you just have to share the URL by pasting it to others. You can test it by pasting it in a new chrome browser tab.

Here's a quick video on how to link specific line of a web page



How to easily link to a specific line or paragraph on a web page
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