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OnePlus "surprise" is actually a Humans vs 5G-powered Snowbots showdown

03 March 2020 0

OnePlus just revealed an unexpected 5G application that will be officially operated or say put to test in front of the public on March 9th. Well, 5G does have the potential to give rise to so many use cases and amaze you but seeing it coming from OnePlus, which majorly serves as a smartphone company is definitely, a “surprise,” just what the company promised to deliver as well.

OnePlus’ “first” surprise edition of 2020 is a snowball fight which will include Snowbots, 5G-powered snowball-firing robots. The world’s first 5G-powered interactive snowball fight will take place starting March 9th, 2020 for more than 70 consecutive hours in Finland, starting at 12 pm. The fight will end on March 12 and you can live-stream this as well. The battle, of course, includes smartphones and you will be given the controls (just like an interactive/real-time gameplay) to play the battle using these Snowbots. Call it the Humans vs Snowbots battle where every user who will participate, gets a chance to play with their opponents which are playing on the real field in Finland.

According to OnePlus, the Snowball it has developed will demonstrate the true 5G potential and how this can change the way people interact with smartphones.

The Snowbots will be operated through OnePlus devices with a 5G network and they can fire snowballs at 120mph and will be equipped with 5G chips from Qualcomm. You, as a user can control them with your phones. Once the live stream gets underway, you’d need to sign in or create an account to take part in.

According to OnePlus, you will need to have a good WiFi connection or 5G and your phone. You are allowed to play only for once so that others could also get a chance to play.

The best part is you can also win an all-inclusive trip to Lapland to join this battle.

Simply comment why you, and a friend, want to battle the Snowbots in person, and you may be lucky enough to join us. To enter you must live in Europe and be able to travel to Finland from March 8 to March 10.

The deadline to enter is 11 AM (GMT) March 4. Read the term and conditions and get ready to experience this interesting battle.

OnePlus said it has more surprises to offer this year and we don’t have any clue about these “surprises” products/features. Snowbot is the weirdest and the clueless product that the company has just announced. OnePlus got every one of us excited for a big reveal through its teaser video, and, fortunately, and thankfully, it didn’t create much hype. But this is indeed an interesting tech and more will be revealed on March 9. So curb your curiosity till then and do come back to know more.

On OnePlus' dedicated Snowbots' page, you can learn through FAQs like how do the games work? and more



OnePlus "surprise" is actually a Humans vs 5G-powered Snowbots showdown
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