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KaiOS Technologies and Mozilla partner to improve security of KaiOS

12 March 2020 1

KaiOS, a forked version of Firefox mobile OS came into existence in the real world in 2018. It was no longer the Firefox OS and rather based on the original Mozilla project. KaiOS developed into something much more robust and expanded than the original Firefox OS. This new version was launched specifically for feature phones and later brought many rich functionalities that are otherwise available on smartphones.

KaiOS was built on the ashes of Firefox OS and later expanded further to have its own independent existence. The new forked version is viable to many great possibilities and we have already seen some already.

Now, years after Mozilla canceled its own Firefox OS project, the nonprofit is now again partnering with KaiOS to further enhance the core model, which is the Gecko engine of mobile phones. Gecko is a browser engine developed by Mozilla and used by different applications to display web pages.

Under the partnership, Mozilla will help KaiOS Technologies in modernizing the browser engine that’s the core of mobile phones’ software. According to what has been announced by KaiOS in a blog post, the partnership with Mozilla will help the company to improve security and makes apps run faster and more smoothly. The work on the Gecko engine will also lead to better games graphics, something you might not expect on low-cost feature phones with small screens, but KaiOS is taking efforts to make it possible for its users.

KaiOS said that Mozilla’s software support together will ensure future versions of Gecko are compatible with KaiOS-enabled devices and their web-based resources.

KaiOS Technologies further said,

This partnership bolsters the security and performance of KaiOS-enabled smart feature phones, as well as the platform’s developer tools, security, and available functions. This includes better PWA (Progressive Web App) and WebAssembly support. All changes and improves will also be open sourced under Mozilla’s Public License.

KaiOS adds life to feature phones as it brings rich features and functions. Back in February 2018, it added Facebook, Twitter, and Google apps and gradually brought in other support to make its feature phones worth. And, now it is doing more effort so that everything smoothly and securely on the feature phones.



KaiOS Technologies and Mozilla partner to improve security of KaiOS
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