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Qualcomm partners with BOE to put its 3D fingerprint scanners to more phones

15 April 2020 0

Qualcomm has reportedly confirmed that the company is partnering with BOE, the world’s second-largest OLED display manufacturer for flexible screens to offer in-screen fingerprint readers to more and more phones. The aim is to “develop innovative display products featuring Qualcomm 3D Sonic ultrasonic fingerprint sensors.”

Note that so far only Samsung has released phones that use Qualcomm’s 3D fingerprint sensor, Galaxy S20 to be specific. And, after the partnership, Qualcomm is expected to enlarge its customer base by providing the tech to them.

According to CNET, the partnership doesn’t only cover smartphone but also extend its capabilities to other areas, including XR (a combination of VR and AR) and smart home devices as well. The two companies expect that the devices using this technology will go on sale in the second half of 2020.

Manufacturers want to make full-screen phones with pleasing aesthetics and a profile that doesn’t burden. The in-screen fingerprint readers remove the need for having physical readers on the rear panel and hence what you get is a pretty decent profile. Many manufacturers have already explored the ways of putting fingerprint scanners beneath the displays but almost all of them use optical sensors that basically take a photo of your fingerprints and uses sound waves to map those ridges on the finger.

Let’s see what will be the customers of this new partnership and eventually what will be the smartphones taking advantage of this new tech.



Qualcomm partners with BOE to put its 3D fingerprint scanners to more phones
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