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Sony plans to bring 6M PlayStation 5 units in the first year of its release

16 April 2020 0

Sony has been sharing the details on PlayStation 5, its upcoming gaming console since last year. From talking about its specifications to announcing its launch timeframe, Sony has been very openly leveraging many details. In one of its biggest revelation towards its next-gen console, Sony even announced the DualSense controller way before the official launch of the PlayStation 5. However, from time to time, we also hear speculations and reports on the much-anticipated console of the year.

This time, the report comes from Bloomberg which states that Sony is preparing less than 6 million PlayStation units for the first year. Reportedly, it has said to its assembly partners that it will make between 5 and 6M consoles in the fiscal year ending next March. For comparison, Sony sold about 7.5M units of PS4 in the first two quarters when the console was made available.

According to the report, Sony is limiting the production numbers “because it expects the PS5’s ambitious specs to weigh on demand by leading to a high price at launch.”

The latest report from Bloomberg goes in line with a report that came in February this year that, in fact, put the same exact figure. An analyst predicted that Sony could ship 6M next-gen consoles by March 31st next year. With a November launch likely, Sony would have about five months to make its upcoming product ready for retail. The previous went on to cite the Japanese firm Ace Research Institute that expects a further 15 million PS5 to be shipped during the following fiscal year.

And, note that the limited 6M figure came before when Coronavirus wasn’t escalating. Now, according to the latest report, the COVID-19 crisis hasn’t yet affected the production capacity and Sony would bring the number of units it has already thought of. But this may change as the situation due to COVID-19 evolves any further.

Concerns over the launch of PS5 and its rival Xbox Series X are building. It is speculated that the disruption caused by COVID-19 could delay the launch of both the major console to 2021. But according to another report from Bloomberg that came in late March, Sony doesn’t see pandemic affecting the PS5 launch.

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Sony plans to bring 6M PlayStation 5 units in the first year of its release
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