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Amazon Dash Cart makes conventional stores’ checkouts smarter and better

14 July 2020 0

Amazon has launched Dash Cart, a smart shopping cart in an attempt to make your shopping more convenient and hassle-free than before. The new Dash Cart has the same aim as the Amazon Go and that is to offer cashier-less checkouts.

Being a compact version of the Amazon Go, the Dash Cart also uses sensors to recognize what the customer is buying or placing in the cart. Of course, there are some different sensors as well, like the weight sensors that determine the quantity of the product being placed into the cart. Needless to say, the Dash Cart has some cameras as well that scan the items you’re dropping into the cart so that it can evaluate the cost of all the products and charge you as you leave, similar to what Amazon Go does as well.

Amazon Dash Cart has a touchscreen as well that shows which products you have picked off the shelves. As per the report from TheVerge, when you’re done shopping, you’re allowed to take the cart through a special lane that checks you out digitally without having to visit the cash counter.

Deploying smart shopping carts into the existing and traditional stores is a great idea because developing full-fledged stores with the required technical equipment is hard to scale. With the Dash Cart, Amazon can expand its idea of making every store a cashier-free store.

According to Dilip Kumar, Vice President of Amazon’s physical retail and technology, these new kinds of shopping carts are sturdy enough to prevent the shakiness and off-balance wheels.

Amazon Dash Carts will first come to Amazon’s Woodland Hills, California, grocery store when the location opens later this year. It is not an Amazon Go store, which means it does not have embedded cameras or other types of equipment on the ceiling.

There is no word on where else the Dash Cart will be available. Kumar said,

As with everything we do, we'll launch it, we'll get customer feedback and then we'll go from there.

We are living in 2020, yes the same year that brought the worst pandemic but let’s just face it, standing in those long queues to checkout now feels thing of the past. It is great to see companies doing efforts in this area and bringing ways for cashier-less and touchless checkouts. Amazon reportedly also believes that inventions like these should start to grow. '

Kumar reportedly mentioned that the company’s intention is to keep developing new concepts that save customers time. He didn’t go into specifics but talks on the intent to make more such products that could easily fit into people’s lifestyles without forcing them to learn new ones.



Amazon Dash Cart makes conventional stores’ checkouts smarter and better
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