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Samsung Display to mass produce 90Hz OLED panels for laptops this year

21 January 2021 0

Samsung Display has announced that it will soon mass-produce the OLED displays with 90Hz refresh rate support for laptops. In a statement, Samsung Display Chief Executive Officer Joo Sun Choi said very large quantities of 14-inch OLED 90Hz displays will be produced for the participating laptop manufacturers, beginning in March.

According to Samsung Display, OLED display panels with a 90Hz refresh rate are best suitable for gaming and video streaming as well. OLED displays are vibrant and together with the 90Hz refresh rate, the movements will look much more lifelike, pleasurable, and snappier. Currently, most laptops and notebooks offer a 60Hz refresh rate and Samsung briefly explains the significance of increasing the screen refresh rates together with the selection of OLED type panel.

Samsung explains that the higher refresh rates change in motion more often and allow for smoother-looking visuals. “90Hz OLED refresh rate is actually 10X the fastest screen response time on the market today. In fact, the 90Hz OLED display offers high-speed driving that is actually on par with that of 120Hz LCD screens.” Samsung explains that the 90Hz display panels “practically” offer the same experience as 120Hz LCD screens. Samsung further elucidates that it tested the same amount of blurring with the 90Hz OLED panel as a 120Hz LCD panel.

Clearly, Samsung is bullish about the adaption of 90Hz OLED panels and believes consumers will be happy to have them on their laptops.

While the majority of laptops today have LCD display panels, the growth of laptops with OLED panels is not imperceptible. There are so many OLED laptops today. But a higher refresh rate is only getting adopted now.

OLED display panels allow manufacturers to develop thinner designs. These panels are energy-efficient and have a low response time as well. As Samsung states in the press release, the company strives to advance the future with next-gen technologies “featuring ultra-thin, energy-efficient, flexible, and transparent displays.”

This suggests more and more laptop manufacturers will utilize the new tech that Samsung is now swearing by. Samsung Display has been one of the biggest producers and suppliers of OLED panels. So, it only makes sense to see manufacturers planning accordingly in the near future.



Samsung Display to mass produce 90Hz OLED panels for laptops this year
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