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What tech fans can expect at CES 2018?

02 January 2018 5

Consumer electronics show Aka CES is undoubtedly one of the biggest tech events scheduled in the first half of the first month of the year. We are finally in 2018, now tech geeks are eagerly waiting for the upcoming CES event which will bring tons of new products. The new products lineup will also set the path for the new year and these products will give us a pretty good idea of what to expect in coming months.

Its important to know about what kind of products the companies will showcase at the event. For those who are mobile geeks, unfortunately, the CES isn't a big stage to wraps off the cover from smartphones lineup instead most likely the companies will be unveiling new IoT products, drones lineups, AR/VR products and other products related to smartphones. The number of new smartphones announcement at CES isn't as high as IFA and MWC.

What makes the CES event special is all big tech giants except Apple showcase their next big tech which sets the path for the upcoming year. The new trends announced at CES 2018 will be followed during the year and all latest hot products are surely treated to see. Like always, the team Mobilescout will be covering all the major announcements and will provide our readers the first impressions of latest products. As expected none of the companies reveal their plans for the announcement. The CES 2018 is still few good days away but that doesn't mean we can't give our readers good impressions about what to expect at this year CES show. Without any further ado, let's have a look at what we know so far about the CES 2018.

CES 2018 Schedule

This year CES event is scheduled from January 9th to Jan 12th in Las Vegas Nevada. During these days the show will be open to the public whereas the company's official press releases will kickoff on Jan 8th. At that day we can expect tons of new announcement from different companies. Not all companies will wait until Jan 8th instead few companies also took the stage to reveal product on Jan 7th. So the excitement of new products launch will ignite from Jan 7th.

Amazon at CES 2018

Though Amazon won't be directly unveiling new product that doesn't mean the company's name won't be present at the event. Back at last year, CES show a number of IoT products shown were powered up by the Amazon's Alexa AI assistant. This year we can expect a number of new smart home products from different companies will have Alexa AI assistant under the hood. Undoubtedly Amazon Alexa emerges as one of the dominating aspects in smart home, So we can expect its inclusion in even more devices.

Asus at CES 2018

This year we can expect Asus to be amongst the first companies to showcase their latest product at CES event. The company recently announced NovaGo laptop. The latest laptop is running on Windows 10 and Snapdragon 835 chipset under the hood. At the CES we can expect Asus will reveal more details regarding this product as well as some new products including a smartphone.

BlackBerry at CES 2018

Although BlackBerry isn't producing their own hardware but instead the company joins hands with TCL for hardware production. Back at CES 2017, the company teased their first flagship of the year whereas the complete unveiling was held at MWC 2017. At the moment the company didn't confirm the product but their attendance is confirmed. There are fair chances the company might tease their next flagship at CES like last year with a full announcement in next month at MWC 2018.

Casio at CES 2018

At CES 2017, Casio showcased an Android Wear running smartwatch WSD-F20. Unlike most of the watches, it is rugged smartwatch specially meant for outdoors. The WSD-F20 was one of the most successful smartwatches of last year, So it won't be surprising if the company unveils its successor at this year CES show. Casio confirmed they will showcase a new product at CES 2018, the company could launch WSD-F30 rugged Android smartwatch at the event.

Dell at CES 2018

Last year at CES 2017, Dell unveiled a number of exciting notebooks including XPS and 2-in-1 laptops. Dell also recently confirmed their entry at the upcoming CES event. So if you are Dell notebooks fans you won't be disappointed at the CES 2018 because the company will be likely unveiling new 2-in-1 laptops, top-tier laptops with the latest hardware on board.

Garmin at CES 2018

Garmin emerged as one of the best smartwatch manufacturer last year thanks to producing range of Android wear smartwatches targetting to special customer. For instance, the Garmin Fenix 5 was targetted to those customers who want smartwatch for adventures. The Fenix 5 brings a number of features to support riders, runners, and other adventurous activities. The watch also comes with GPS support. Recently we listed the top 10 smartwatches for 2017, the Garmin Fenix 5 emerges as one of the contenders with awesome fitness tracking capabilities. Despite having all perks of perks of being adventurous smartwatch it lacks mobile payment feature.

Recently the company announced Vivoactive 3 smartwatch with Garmin Pay feature. For those who are unaware Garmin Pay is the company's own mobile payment system to compete against Apple, Samsung and Android Pay. There are chances the company will introduce this feature for their top-tier Fenix and Forerunner series smartwatches at the CES 2018 and announcing a new smartwatch is also a possibility.

Google at CES 2018

The tech giant Google didn't use the CES stage to showcase their new products instead the company announces their products at their own dedicated events. However, like Amazon, the Google AI assistant will make a splash at the event. It is also one of the key players in the smart home industry. At the CES 2018, we can expect a number of new smart home products including smart speakers running on the Google Assistant.

HP at CES 2018

In 2017, the CES event was used by HP to unveil Spectre x360 notebooks. The x360 was featuring the striking 4K display with top-tier hardware. It emerges as one of the best Windows-running laptop announced in 2017. To compete for the 2-in-1 range, HP recently announced Envy X2 with Windows 10 OS and Qualcomm's Octa-core Snapdragon 835 SoC on board.

The company yet to disclose the release and pricing details of latest Envy X2. Most likely the company will be showcasing a new range of products including the recently launched Envy X2.

Huawei at CES 2018

Last year at CES, Huawei announced Mate 9 Pro for international buyers. The Pro variant was exactly similar to the Porsche Design variant which Huawei introduced for the Chinese buyers but the good thing was Pro variant was significantly cheaper than the Porsche model.

Huawei confirmed their presence at the CES show but the product range they are going to showcase at the CES is still in dark. The Mate 10 Pro could be launched in more regions including the US. Recently Huawei CEO confirmed they likely will be releasing one Mate 10 lineup smartphone in the US via carrier in 2018, So most likely the device will be Mate 10 Pro to challenge other big phablets in the market. We can expect Huawei will reveal more details at the CES show.

The AT&T is expected to be the only carrier selling Mate 10 Pro in the US but details regarding the release and pricing are still in dark. Last year the Mate 9 went official for the US customers soon after the announcement, So we can expect same for this year as well.

Honor at CES 2018

Honor didn't have something new on cards to showcase at the CES 2018. The company's latest Honor 7X and View 10 are already announced for the US market. The Honor 7X is even available for purchase at $200 in the US whereas the Honor View 10 release date set for January 8 in the US. The View 10 pricing for the US market is still in dark, most likely the company will reveal the price info at the CES 2018. The Honor View 10 once again will be in the spotlight ahead of release in the US will help the company to increase the hype ahead of the official unveiling.

Lenovo at CES 2018

Back at the CES 2017, Lenovo took the stage to announce notebooks with upgraded hardware and design. The Miix 720 was announced alongside the company's Alexa running smart speaker in a number of exciting colors range. Lenovo confirmed their presence at the CES 2018 and also stated they will be showcasing a Windows product on ARM space so we can expect they could launch a Snapdragon driven laptop at the event.

LG at CES 2018

LG is known for making pre-announcements ahead of tech events including CES. This tactic not only helps the company to attain spotlight at the event but also ahead of the event. Same is the case this year when the company confirmed they will be unveiling new LG Gram laptops range at the CES show. What makes these laptops special is ultra-thin bezels and gigantic battery which last one day on single charge.

LG will hold the press event on January 8th ahead of the day CES show opening for the public. The company most likely won't be unveiling their flagship G7 at CES instead they will wait until MWC 2018. This doesn't mean the company won't be showcasing any smartphone at the CES. From what we know so far the South Korea giant will be showcasing their new K lineup smartphones for 2018. From what we heard so far the LG K10 2018 will be featuring a 5.3-inches Full HD display. An Octa-core chipset will be powering it with 3GB RAM and built-in storage is 32GB. The best thig about this device will be LG Pay support, it will be the only LG mid-range smartphone with Pay support. Apart from mid-range smartphones the company is expected to bring new OLED TVs

Netatmo at CES 2018

For those who are unaware Netatmo is known for bringing their smart home solutions, back at CES 2017 the company reveals their plans for a smart home. The company joins hand with Velux at the last year show, later on, they brought Smart Smoke Alarm. The company confirmed they will attend the event, however, they didn't reveal their plans for the event. At the moment it is still in the dark whether the company will bring new products to the event or they will announce a partnership with any other company or they could do both as well.

Nvidia at CES 2018

Last year Nvidia enjoyed spotlight because of unveiling number of products. At CES 2017, the company launches Android TV, top-notch Shield TV set with tons of options, Smart hub powered by Google Assistant and Shield Spot which plunges into the wall and connects Smart Hub allows the user to access Google Assistant anywhere in the house. Nvidia's presence at the CES has confirmed already and we can expect tons of new products from the company at the event. However the exact list of products is still in dark.

Panasonic at CES 2018

If we consider Panasonic history of last years, the company uses the CES stage to showcase their TV products and products related to home entertainment. Last year the company's main focus was digital imaging so there aren't chances the company will showcase a brand new series instead the company could bring updates to few of their TV devices.

Qualcomm at CES 2018

Last year the American chipset manufacturer Qualcomm used the CES stage to reiterate the message that Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 SoC will be powering the flagships of 2017. This year the company already showed all the details regarding the Snapdragon 845 at their Snapdragon summit and the chipset capabilities were discussed in detail. At this year CES we can expect the company will reiterate the message of latest Snapdragon chipset will be driving the flagships of this year.

As we mentioned above there will be unveiling of new Windows-running 2-in-machines powered up by Snapdragon 845 SoC. Also, there is the possibility of the launch of first Snapdragon 845 SoC driven flagship smartphone by Xiaomi. The Snapdragon 845 SoC will be in limelight during MWC 2018 because most of the upcoming flagships are expected with this chipset.

Samsung at CES 2018

Recently the South Korean Giant Samsung announced Galaxy A-series smartphones but the series formal launch is expected at the CES 2018. Last year Apart from the Galaxy A-series devices, the company launched Hub 2 family connected fridge, a new range of QLED TVs, smart vacuum cleaner and many other smart products at the CES 2017.

This year the company will showcase a new range of QLED TVs to remain dominant in the TV market, a new product in Hub 2 family, upgraded Chrome Pro and will focus on their recently announced selfie-centric Galaxy A-series. The Galaxy A8 and A8+ are the company's only smartphones with dual selfie cameras. Although the Galaxy S series is considered as the most refined product from Samsung this year Galaxy A series smartphones are quite special as they brought upgrades in almost every section. The Galaxy A8 series launch is pegged for Jan 2018 but the exact release date and pricing is still in dark. We can expect the company will reveal details at the event.

Although the Galaxy S9 official launch is pegged for the MWC 2018 it is widely rumored that Samsung's Galaxy S9 first appearance will be at CES, it could be a teaser as well like last year. The Galaxy S9 lineup formal unveiling will be at the MWC 2018 show. At the CES show, there are fair chances Samsung might unveil the upgraded Chrome Book with latest Intel Core M7 chipset and 16GB RAM.

Sony at CES 2018

At CES 2017, Sony showed their premium OLED TV Bravia A1 along with the upgraded XE series TV and a new Blu-ray player. The company confirmed their presence at the CES 2018, So we can expect the company will showcase new TVs and other home entertainment products. As nothing is set in stone that's why we will recommend to take it with a grain of salt.



what tech fans can expect at CES 2018 show
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