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Next-gen Apple TV could feature a built-in speaker and camera

13 April 2021 0

Reports on the next-gen Apple TV have been building up of late. It is unknown exactly when Apple could launch the new Apple TV but seeing the growing number of reports, we assume this might happen soon.

Well, moving on, a new report from Bloomberg has arrived that reveals a couple of interesting facts about the next-gen Apple TV. In addition to performing standard set-top box functions, the next-gen Apple TV might double up as a smart speaker so to output better and louder sound whenever something is playing on the TV.

The report also claims that the Apple TV is going to have a built-in camera as well that will be helpful in video conferencing. Presumably, users will use this camera to video call their contacts and the connected TV will stream the video while you do so. This reminds us of Facebook Portal, of course. This is one of many smart-home functions that the next-gen Apple TV is expected to perform.

A set-top box with a built-in speaker seems more like a smart soundbar. This, in turn, suggests that next-gen Apple TV might feature a large form factor to accommodate a good quality speaker. It is unknown where the reported camera will be located and how it will change the overall appearance of the Apple TV.

The report claims the development of Apple TV is still in the early stages, so it is very possible that the company decides to change key features or nix the product completely. A report came earlier this month stated that Apple TV could feature a 120Hz refresh rate for a smoother gaming experience.

Together with this, the report also reiterates that Apple is working on a new smart speaker with a touchscreen as well. Bloomberg states the launch of both the products can help revive Apple’s state in the smart-home category.



Next-gen Apple TV could feature a built-in speaker and camera
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