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HP Printers will no longer support third-party ink cartridges and treat as damaged

24 September 2016 6

HP has been leading the Printer industry for the past few years. But the company is now facing an issue with the printers using off-brand ink cartridges. Users are getting notifications telling that their cartridges were “damaged” and requires quick replacement. HP recently updated their Printer firmware to protect their innovations and intellectual property. This is the reported reason behind this sudden self-destruction of cartridges.

The latest reports suggest that the problem persists also with the printers using HP’s own cartridges. Users complained that they are not able to remove the damaged cartridges. According to one of the HP OfficeJet user’s complaint:

I turn it on, it complains about a damaged cartridge, so I open the front door to replace. When I open the door, the carriage does NOT move, and the error message now says to close the door to print. I close the door, and the original damaged cartridge error message returns.

HP upgraded the firmware earlier this month and problems started to occur just after that. Printers started to reject private labeled ink and refilled HP cartridges. Manufacturers of the chipset used in the printers are informed about the issue and they will soon start manufacture chipsets to get around the latest firmware. The issue will be solved sooner as the company’s biggest profit center is the Printer ink.



HP Printers will no longer support third-party cartridges ahead of the firmware update
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