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HTC brings two new premium accessories for Vive and new monthly app subscription on Viveport

05 January 2017 4

HTC might not be doing great in the smartphones business, but the company has proved itself in the Virtual Reality through its amazing Vive VR headset. HTC has been implementing new ways to bring out the best from their already so successful gadget. HTC takes the opportunity at CES and launched two new premium accessories for its Vive. In the field of Virtual Reality, everything should be immersive, otherwise, there will be no meaning of the virtual experience. For the same reason, the two new accessories have been launched to make everything more immersive.

According to HTC, the Vive Tracker ad Vive Deluxe Audio Reality Strap will open new options for developers to make VR even more immersive.

The Vive Tracker enables motion tracking for entirely new form factors to be trackable within the VR world. Vive Tracker is future-ready and it will integrate with any number of future VR accessories via a simple connection. This will help the customers to have a single accessory to unlock thousands of new experiences.

The Tracker weighs just under three ounces (85g) and is 99.65mm (Diameter) X 42.27mm (Height).

To give rise to new VR accessories, Vive will also give away up to 1,000 Trackers to developers. HTC will soon release the application information for the same.

Vive Tracker for the consumers will start shipping in Q2 and HTC will soon announce the pricing details.

“We were able to integrate the Vive Tracker into our fire fighting simulator within four hours,” said Dr James Mullins from Deakin University, Australia, creator of FLAIM trainer. “For us, the Vive Tracker eliminates both hard material costs to integrate tracking sensors, but also saves critical development time. Now, we can bring products with full motion control much more quickly to market."

Talking about the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap, this accessory allows you to enjoy the 360-degree VR audio with even more comfort and convenience. The integrated headphones come with a new customizable sizing dial for quickly adjusting the fit of the head strap.

“We’ve continuously improved the core Vive experience, making it more comfortable and easier to use,” said O’Brien. “The Deluxe Audio Strap evolves this mission further, offering a seamless audio solution that also fits more comfortably for Vive users.” 

The Deluxe Audio Strap will ship to retailers in Q2 and will be available to order on Vive.com. Pricing will be announced at a later date.

Together with these premium accessories, HTC expects that the commercial wireless VR adaptors will ship in 2017.

Together with these important announcements, HTC’s global app store announced at the CES event t hat it is introducing the first-ever monthly app subscription service for consumers. This monthly subscription service will come in early 2017. It is basically a new way for the VR developers to monetize their content, hence this would become their additional revenue channel. The consumers would be able to discover new apps from a variety of new apps for a low monthly fee.

Viveport also announces that it’s expanding services for enterprise VR customers and arcade operators by launching dedicated VR app stores for professionals in 2017.

Rikard Steiber, President of Viveport, said,

Our dedicated Viveport Arcade app store will give operators around the world an easy-to-use digital storefront to curate the experiences they want to feature for their customers. We now have more than 300 top VR titles on our arcade platform. In short time, we've partnered with operators in China where we're now in more than 1,000 locations, and we expect that number to grow to more than 5,000 locations globally by the end of this year.

Any developers interested in learning more about the upcoming Viveport subscription service should visit their site.



HTC brings two new premium accessories for Vive and new monthly app subscription on Viveport
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All things are pretty worth. Now the only thing I want to check out the developers page. I hope to find subscription and other things there that matter for development.


Of late, HTC has been struggling with the smartphone business, but it's great to see that they are having a field day with VR headsets and accessories. And now the entry of premium devices makes them even valuable.


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