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KT to conduct 5G trials at PyeongChang Olympics

02 February 2018 2

Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea will host the first large-scale public demonstrations of 5G video streaming technologies, according to reports. It will be the world’s first major 8K HDR video production.

The winter Olympics will showcase next-generation wireless and video standards for the global audience. Visitors will be able to see the largest ever live 8K UHD production. The live 8K production features High Dynamic Range, which will be the worlds first on this scale. The 8K UHD coverage will be conducted in tandem with Japanese broadcaster NHK and will be on a bigger scale than the single-camera 8K pilot made in Rio.

Olympic Broadcast Services (OBS) will also be testing 5G to transmit video live to air at the event. The International Olympic Committee has been working with Intel and Korea Telecom to create 5G wireless infrastructure at the at the PyeongChang Winter Games venues. Olympic video producers stated that the multiple “real-time links are only possible with the low latency (almost zero delays) of 5G.”

Visitors will be able to see the 5G demonstrations from special zones using demo 5G viewing devices. Intel is offering “time-sliced views of skaters in motion,” which will allow viewers to switch between different angles of figure skating performances at any given moment.

South Korean mobile operator KT, which is Korea's official partner of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, has stated that it is ready to launch its 5G trial service at the upcoming event.

"The 5G Exhibition Hall, operated by KT during the PyeongChang Olympics, will serve as an opportunity to experience a 5G future in advance," said KT Chairman Hwang Chang-gyu. "With partners such as Intel and Samsung Electronics, KT will make all efforts not only to provide the world's first 5G trial service in PyeongChang but also to commercialize the world's first 5G services," he added.

“There are always very high expectations about production quality in addition to which we have to satisfy fans of niche sports as well as reach a far wider audience,” explains Sotiris Salamouris, Chief Technology Officer, OBS. “In addition, Winter Games tends to feature a lot of action driven sports which particularly appeal to the younger generation. For all those reasons we need to do something exceptional.”​



KT to conduct 5G trials at PyeongChang Olympics
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8K has been doing the rounds these days with the tech being demonstrated at events. And the use in something like the Games makes it even more thrilling.


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