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LG Android 10 desktop mode may be a part of major phone strategy overhaul

24 January 2020 0

It has been about a month since LG started rolling out Android 10 upgrade for eligible devices. The upgrade is loaded with various new features that have been mentioned in the official changelog except for one major one. It is Desktop mode that is meant to help users use Android apps and data on an external monitor or PC like they are using a desktop. If this sounds familiar to you, it is because Samsung and Huawei offer the same functionality as well.

The unannounced feature was first spotted by Juan Carlos Bagnell aka SomeGadgetGuy who demonstrated the same on his Twitch stream. LG's desktop mode works by connecting one's compatible smartphone to a PC or an external display using USB Type-C to HDMI cable. Once the connection is established, the phone will show you an option to switch to the desktop mode. You can see the whole demonstration in action here.

LG's decision to not highlight such a major feature got everyone wondering but thanks to David Ruddock of Android Police, there is some explanation. His sources have told him that LG is planning big things with the Android 10 desktop mode. It is working on a smartphone for the 2021 launch, maybe called LG V70, that will come bundled with a large display of at least 10-inches.

This additional display will allow users to use the smartphone as a tablet as well as a laptop. The latter part is where the Desktop mode will come into the picture. It is currently unknown whether the usage of the display will happen wirelessly or there will be a physical dock. LG is further said to be working on making changes to the flagship release schedule in an attempt to compete directly with rival Samsung.

Ruddock says that LG G series is expected to get killed eventually and the V-series will be launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy S-series launch. The latter part is said to begin with this year itself which means we should expect a new LG V-series smartphone at MWC 2020.

Lastly, there is the usual disclosure that all of these details are only rumors at the moment and one should take them with a pinch of salt. It is also worth noting that even if these rumors are actually true, companies are known to change their plans or even completely discard them. Either way, wait for official announcements before setting any hopes about the future of LG smartphones.



LG Android 10 desktop mode may be a part of major phone strategy overhaul
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