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LG's new Pocket Photo printer lets you instantly print photos from your smartphone

26 January 2017 0

Remember the Polaroid cameras of old that would make it easy to store and share your best moments? Digital cameras eventually phased them out, but now pocket printers are coming back towards the same effect. LG has made the new Pocket Photo printer with the ability to print your favorite photos directly off your smartphone.

The Pocket Photo is about the size of a smartphone, except it is somewhat thicker. At 78 x 125 x 22 mm and 177 grams, it is easily portable inside a pocket. It connects with an Android or iPhone smartphone through the Pocket Photo App over a Bluetooth connection. This app can be used to add special affects (such as filters) to your photos as well.

The printing is done at a resolution of 313 DPI. The printer doesn't require ink to print. Instead, the photo sheets are pre-loaded with ink. They're called Zink, short for Zero ink, and they take out the hassle of keeping printer cartridges with you.

The Pocket Photo App, allows you to edit your photos, in case you want to crop something out adjust the brightness. You can even add a QR code to the photo which is actually linked to your social network. In case you run out of calling cards or something, you can just print out a photo with the code and give it to a new friend or contact. Text can be added to the photo as well.

The printer costs only $119, and is already available in South Korea - the home of gadgets. The associated Zink paper is pretty inexpensive as well at just $13 for a pack of 30.



LG's new Pocket Photo printer lets you instantly print photos from your smartphone
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