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iPhone 8 third-party screen replacements breaking touch input on iOS 11.3

10 April 2018 3

While software updates are extremely helpful, they can break or make your device. Remember when Touch ID on the iPhone 7 would stop working if a third-party screen replacement was done? Well, it seems like iPhone 8 users may be in for something quite similar. It seems like those iPhone 8 users who have gone in for screen replacements by third-party sources and not directly by Apple may be in for a huge surprise. Apparently, with iOS 11.3, screens replaced by a third-party no longer function. So, how can this even happen?

Well, this is because Apple uses a microchip which pairs with the display. So, replacing the screen also involves upgrading the microchip to ensure proper functionality. Perhaps this is the company’s way of ensuring that repairs are done directly by them and discouraging any third-party replacements. It’s still unclear on whether or not the company will do anything about this. In fact, most unauthorized smartphone repair shops have refused to replace the screen of the iPhone 8 precisely because of this. Perhaps the high cost of repairs by Apple are leaving users with little to no option.

It’s not like non-working Touch ID makes sense but to a degree, it could, considering that it is a form of authentication and there is always the risk of it someone else unlocking it with their own fingerprint. However, breaking touch input altogether and making it non-functional is a little over the top. It’s clear that Apple and third-party repair shops are at loggerheads and will continue to be so. Apple, however, may be forced to remedy this with a software update. What is your opinion on this? Let us know in the comments section below!!



iPhone 8 third-party screen replacements breaking touch input on iOS 11.3
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