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Samsung self-healing glass coating patent surfaces online

17 August 2018 3

In the past few years, researchers and scientists have laboured tirelessly to make self-healing glass on phones. In recent times, this idea isn’t a surprise considering it was attempted by the University of Colorado as well as by researchers at the University of Tokyo. It appears that Samsung is next in line with a new type of glass coating which it filed a patent for last year. Unfortunately, it has just come to light, courtesy of a publication by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

The so-called new glass coating is described as a “film” or “laminate”, consisting of compounds like polyhedral silsesquioxane and polyrotaxane. One may even be familiar with oleophobic coating, which is commonly used to ensure that the screen is free of any fingerprints. In simple and understandable terms, while the patent does mention a self-healing coating, it’s widely known that an oleophobic coating cannot help if the display of the smartphone breaks into a million pieces. The most that this coating can ensure is keeping fingerprints away from the screen.

Well, using a more durable and stronger oleophobic coating will definitely help in ensuring the longevity of a device considering the prices of flagship smartphones nowadays. On a positive note, Samsung is rumoured to be working on a type of glass which is supposedly even more durable than Gorilla Glass 6. Well, it seems like more information on this will only be revealed later on!



Samsung self-healing glass coating patent surfaces online
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This is the second big news for Samsung in my opinion after their foldable smartphone's design is tagged to carry a futuristic approach.


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