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Huawei’s CEO sheds light on foldable smartphones

14 September 2018 4

Smartphone manufacturers are always looking to push boundaries and come up with unthinkable innovations. The concept of a foldable smartphone has been the buzz for quite a while now, with companies like Samsung and ZTE looking into launching foldable smartphones. Well, it seems like Huawei doesn’t want to be left out of the mix as they too want to be a part of this new age technology. Reports claimed that Huawei may release a foldable smartphone in 2019 and now its CEO opens up and talks all about it!

Huawei’s CEO, Richard Yu, in an interview, told the German newspaper, Die Welt, that they are already working on making a foldable smartphone a reality. When questioned on whether there would be a market for it, Yu, quickly explained how there could be a lot of commercial appeal to it and even went to the extent of suggesting that it could replace computers. While a smartphone can do a lot of things which a computer can, is it really like a computer? Perhaps the only missing feature is a large screen which a possible foldable screen could fix.

However, even if a screen is foldable, making a smartphone more compact, the main question here is, what will happen to the battery? Will it be as flexible as the screen and reduced in size and capacity? Remember how smartphones became slimmer and more compact and batteries become smaller and smaller leading to poor battery life? Could this be the tradeoff involved in making a foldable smartphone? There’s no doubt that companies like Huawei and Samsung are innovating, but what cost do such innovations come at?

Are they just to make a statement and become the USP or tagline for a phone? Just like the cool new Dual-SIM functionality on iPhones. Well, it’s still too early to predict the fate of foldable smartphones. The only way is to wait and find out!



Huawei’s CEO sheds light on foldable smartphones
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