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Qualcomm CEO says battle with Apple will end soon

30 November 2018 4

Qualcomm and Apple have been engaged in a legal dispute for a while now overpayments, however, the end of the battle is near, says Qualcomm’s CEO. He stated that the companies are "on the doorstep" of resolving their ongoing issues.

Similar reports had emerged earlier as well, which stated that Qualcomm and Apple are expected to patch up their differences by next year, most likely over 5G. Qualcomm is a leader in 5G chip development and Apple which also plans to adopt 5G tech in its smartphones can’t afford to bank on anyone else for 5G chips.

Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf stated, "We do talk as companies." Mollenkopf invoked a sports analogy to explain the matter and stated that the resolution is “the fourth quarter of the game and not the first quarter.”

"We've always talked about — I've been very consistent — that ... the second half of this year and into next year is when we're really on the doorstep of finding a resolution and we don't see anything different than that," the CEO said.

Qualcomm’s CEO has a positive outlook on the discussions, which is not necessarily shared by Apple. The Cupertino giant is not quite as eager to settle according to reports. “There is absolutely no meaningful discussion taking place between us and Qualcomm, and there is no settlement in sight,” a source at Apple stated recently. “We are gearing up for trial.”

While Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf stated, "I think there's always an opportunity and a risk when you have these big G transitions or the generations of wireless change," he told Cramer. "It's the opportunity to either be left behind or to make sure that you're part of that new generation. Of course, we work with everybody. We would love to work with Apple."

Apple and Qualcomm’s disputes started in January 2017, when Apple sued Qualcomm for allegedly withholding $1 billion in rebates, while Qualcomm accused the Cupertino giant of withholding royalty payments of $7 billion.



Qualcomm CEO says battle with Apple will end soon
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