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Sony accidentally reveals PS4 game sales figures

19 December 2018 5

Sony may have accidentally revealed the sales of each of its PlayStation 4 (PS4) games. The newly designed “My PS4 Life” tool reveals more than just information about their gameplay. It has opened a loophole which Sony and game companies never want you to know. This tool has opened a gateway which reveals the player count for every PlayStation 4 (PS4) game. This was discovered by a Reddit user and soon spread throughout the internet.

The tool gives you specific player numbers about an achievement. It literally reveals the number of players who have unlocked a specific achievement. This is enough information to reveal what sales figures should look like. Allegedly, the sales figures for Fallout 76 is just 400K. This is quite low for such a highly anticipated and hyped PS4 game. Well, while these figures may not appear to be low when considered in isolation, they are when compared to the likes of other PS4 games. Using the same method, it is estimated that Black Ops 4 has 9 million players, Red Dead Redemption 2 has 6 million and Detroit: Become Human has 2.4 million.

This not only ushers in bad news for Sony but also for the game companies. Bethesda certainly won’t want this piece of information circulating online. Considering that sales figures for games are partly known, these figures appear to be quite accurate. If these figures are indeed accurate, users can now use the tool to find out just how popular a game is based on sales figures!



Sony accidentally reveals PS4 game sales figures
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It's quite evident that a lot of conclusions will be drawn. What brought the loophole to the fore? What does a sell figure for a specific game mean? Why low sales? How that game can be made more interesting and catchy?... The list continues!


Flash sales, or normal sales, it's hard to estimate how much sales a certain product achieved. But this has literally unveiled everything.


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