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Apple HomePod price reduced to $299

05 April 2019 4

Apple has finally lowered the price of its HomePod globally. The HomePod was launched at an outstandingly high price of $349 and how now been officially slashed to just $299 on the U.S Apple Store. Well, this was bound to happen considering the fact that the device never lived up to Apple’s expectations and the underwhelming sales numbers it received. Many third-party retailers are even offering promotional discounts on the HomePod, bringing the price of the smart speaker even below that of the current listed price on the Apple Store.

The 15% cut in prices for the HomePod is not restricted to the U.S and is for all regions. For instance, pricing for the device is the U.K has dropped from £319 to £279. Apple reducing prices is indeed a rare occurrence, especially midway during the lifecycle of a product. However, while Apple is a major player in the smartphone and tablet market, it doesn’t enjoy the same standing when it comes to smart speakers. This is because of the fierce competition it faces the Amazon Echo. Slashing the price is perhaps Apple’s best shot at improving sales.

The Apple HomePod has received plenty of criticism ever since it hit the market. However, slowly but surely the company has managed to make improvements through successive software updates. Some of them include the addition of AirPlay 2 for multi-room and stereo pairs, support for setting multiple timers simultaneously with Siri, the ability to answer and make phone calls, and calendar integration.



Apple HomePod price reduced to $299
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