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Sony to cut mobile divisionís workforce in half by 2020

29 April 2019 3

Sony that was once a top smartphone brand in the world, has seen a downturn in its fortunes over the last few months. The Japanese smartphone maker has given us excellent devices and is the only manufacturer to bring 4K resolution to its devices as well as the first to introduce 960fps slow-mo. However, the increasing competition has eaten into the company’s smartphone market share.

Samsung, Apple as well as other Chinese smartphone makers have launched a number of devices in different price points. Sony’s higher price point than the Chinese smartphone makers has also resulted in a decreasing demand for its smartphones.

Reports about Sony shifting its employees in the mobile division to other divisions has been making the rounds for a while now. Now a new report has stated that the company is cutting half of its smartphone workforce and by 2020, it will bring the number of employees down from 4000 to 2000.

The company has seen a decrease of 50% in sales from the previous year. The company produces flagships which cost a fortune. It is important that Sony launch more competitive devices to regain its market share. The company has also shut down its China smartphone manufacturing plant and shifted production to Thailand plant in a bid to cut down its losses and make its smartphone business profitable again.



Sony to cut mobile divisionís workforce in half by 2020
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