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Nokia is fastest brand in issuing software updates, leads global rankings | Report

02 September 2019 0

With its continuity in releasing software and security updates, it’s no surprise that Nokia offers its utmost attention to users’ priorities. Even those who don’t keep a tab on the tech world would know that Nokia proudly touts security upgrades feature in several advertisements as well. And, this isn’t a wrong claim either. Nokia has been updating its devices before many other companies and this has made the company attain success and gain recognition as well.

According to findings of Counterpoint Research’s latest whitepaper titled “Software and Security Updates: The Missing Link for Smartphones,” Nokia leads the global rankings in updating smartphone software and security.

While addressing the “missing link for smartphones” in the report, the strategy of Nokia has also been praised. The report stresses that not every company focuses on offering security updates as Nokia does. In the market where key brands had fewer than a third of sub-$200 smartphones updated to the latest Android version, Nokia updated more than 90% of its devices in the same price tier, thus leading the segment with a huge margin.

The report mentions nearly 96% of Nokia smartphones sold cumulatively since Q3, 2018 are already running Android Pie or have had the Pie update issued to them. Thus, it’s the fastest brand to reach this level.

The report offers some key takeaways from its findings, including the fact that users have now started keeping their devices for longer. This raises a dire need of continuous updates to prevent their users from going into any kind of a mess. The report also concludes that consumer awareness is also low as the manufacturers aren’t talking about it.

The report emphasizes that it’s important to keep the software and security up to date so that the consumers continue to enjoy a good performance and get a shield against potential risks.

After Nokia, Samsung clinches the second spot with 89%, Xiaomi with 84%.



Nokia is fastest brand in issuing software updates, leads global rankings | Report
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